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Mission Hills Nursery, your Eco Gardeners of San Diego are dedicated to being the Eco Friendly, Organic Gardening & Landscape Designs Center of San Diego.

Since 1989 Mission Hills Nursery & Garden Center has been providing San Diego with the finest rose plants, pest control, house plants, flowers, organic fertilizers, garden tools, bulbs and the highest quality Eco Friendly Organic Gardening Products available. A San Diego Landscaper, Eco Gardeners will make your landscape shine. All your landscape design dreams will come true when Eco Gardeners takes over.

With Mission Hills Nursery and Eco Gardeners of San Diego, the customer is always #1. We provide World Class personal Customer comes first service.

Serving your needs and making your garden come alive! Dig It….. Plant It….. Eat It….. we’ve been green, growing green, and eating green since 1910.”

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Mission Hills Nursery online features the same great customer support you get when shopping in store in San Diego. Which Features:

Gardening tips, landscape tips. support on how to use the new tool you purchased, support on what plants to grow for the season depending on your climate. Just call 619) 295-2808 and one of our friendly reps will help you.

*Eco Gardeners Serves San Diego County OnlyOutside San Diego County & State We Have On Call Gardening & Landscape Experts by Phone

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Mission Hills Nursery Organic Gardening Tools

Mission HIlls Nursery is excited to provide organic gardeners with tools from the old days. Many of the organic gardening tools we provide can only be purchased through us. We have all the essentials and more and will teach you how to use them more effeciently. Consider the grape shear we carry. It is so versatile aside from a grape shear as the name implies, it is fantastic when you deadhead your roses, thin out your vegetable garden and harvest them also. A Must In Your Tool Bag. CLICK HERE Find Out More About Our Exclusive Garden Tools!

Plant Nanny Watering Stake – Learn More

Plant Nanny stakes release water slowly beneath the soil surface near the plant’s root system. Subsoil watering promotes deeper and hardier root development than surface watering which often does not penetrate far enough into the soil mass.

They work with upcycled wine bottles, plastic bottles, or our hand-blown fluted glass reservoirs. Water release remains steady as long as there is water in the reservoir. The exact period of watering time will vary due to the type of soil and size of the plant, its exposure to direct sunlight, as well as the surrounding level of ambient humidity. With Plant Nanny products you can readily see when you need to add more water. Larger reservoirs will extend the time between waterings.

Buy HB-101 Plant Vitalizer

HB-101 is a liquid plant growth enhancer formula, specially processed by blending the extracts of cedars, pines, cypress trees and plantains. Cedars, pines and cypresses are long-lived trees with powerful deodorizing power. The saps and secondary metabolites of these trees are responsible for maintaining the health and longevity of the trees. Plantains are known to have medicinal qualities and have long been used for various human medications.

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Botanical Interests Seeds

At Botanical Interests the goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you so that you can create beautiful and prolific gardens. Not only is the seed inside the packets the highest quality available, the packets are designed to give you the information you need to be a more successful gardener!

• Over 500 high-quality varieties

• Many heirloom seed varieties

• A large selection of USDA Certified Organic seed varieties

Bags & Totes

Whether gardening, surfing or doing yoga or other exercise, an everyday tote is an essential item to have in your accessories arsenal. Not any tote will do, It all comes down to function, durability and style. Everyday totes have a very specific job and that’s to carry and safeguard your gardening and personal items from the elements and look good while doing it.

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Mission Hills Nursery – San Diego’s oldest garden center, a combination of culture and class. A ‘Can Do Attitude’ by our staff, allows our customers to expand their gardening dreams.

Mission Hills Nursery has refined the garden shopping, we make it easy, fun, and educational. We want you to succeed in the garden.

Visit our location in the heart of Mission Hills and take a stroll, discover paradise in the middle of the city. You’ll enjoy the most complete family operated garden center in San Diego. Roses, landscape shrubs, trees, flowers galore for every spot in your garden, interior plants, pottery, and a selection of organic fertilizer, insecticides and soils that will make your garden thrive. We’ve become the Organic Gardening Center of San Diego. Eco-Friendly Landscapes are a great part of our services with Eco-Gardeners of San Diego you can’t go wrong. Check us out today!

Mission Hills Nursery was founded in 1910 by the ‘Mother of Balboa Park’ Kate Sessions. Kate Sessions began it, and it was just a house with a little yard that she sold her plants out of. It’s less than an acre, and when people first come in they are amazed. They think, OK, the top of the nursery, and then they start wandering back here and like, wow, this is an oasis in the middle of the city, What we’ve always said in the past is you can buy your plants anywhere, but what we give you is the knowledge to know what to do with the plant once you get it home, or if it’s the right plant for you to take home. We always think that Kate would like what we’re doing. She would appreciate it, At the Mission Hills Nursery, we still nurture the vision of the woman who planted the first seed.