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Common Question & Answers

Q: I’ve heard there are insects which eat other insects, what are these?

A: Depending on the insects you have in your garden you may use other insects, called beneficial insects to control the problem. A few of the beneficial insects we offer are ladybugs, which love aphids; praying mantis which go after grasshoppers; and decollate snails which eat the common garden snail.

Q: I live in a condominium so have no yard, can I still have a vegetable garden?

A: Yes it is very easy to have a vegetable garden in a container. There are varieties of tomatoes and peppers which work really well, along with all herbs. You also can have a dwarf citrus in a pot for fresh orange juice and lemonade.

Q: I grew up with mulberries but don’t have the space for a mulberry tree, any ideas?

A: We sell a weeping mulberry which doesn’t get much taller than 7′ so you can reach the berries and it doesn’t take much space in the garden.

Q: What is the difference between floribunda and hybrid tea roses?

A: Hybrid tea usually produce one flower per stem and generally are very fragrant. Floribundas product clusters of several flowers and are compact. They adapt well to temperatures and soil conditions

Q: When is the best time of year to plant large trees in our garden?

A: Ideally fall is the best time of year to plant. The soil and air temperatures are cooler so there is less stress on the plant and “gardener”. Also by planting in the fall many trees are not in an active growing state so they can get their roots established, and hopefully benefit from winter rains. Then they begin growing in the spring and are established by the time the summer heat comes.

Q: Can I move my houseplants outside?

A: Yes for the most part you are able to. Keep in mind that the plant has been living in a warm environment so you don’t want to put it right into the sun. Most can be taken into a shady part of the garden, and some gradually moved to the sun, depending on the plant. Ask your local garden center if you are unsure.

Other Resources

Ohio State University Horticulture & Crop Science in Virtual Perspective: This site is designed to serve as a knowledge bank and interactive learning center on the care, cultivation, and utilization of plants from a commercial, consumer, and academic perspective.

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