Return Widnow:
30 Days From Delivery Date

If you receive a product, which doesn’t fulfill your need, and that product is not opened, you may return it for a refund.

• Return the product by priority mail with delivery confirmation so it may be tracked.

• Send our customer service department an email letting us know the product is being returned and the tracking number.

• Once we receive the product back we will contact you and a credit will be issued.

• If you receive a product which is damaged please contact us right away and we will determine how to get you another order.

Bareroot Roses return policy

• If your bareroot rose does not leaf out and grow for you within the first spring then we will be glad to refund your money.

• Contact our customer service department, they will want you to mail us the metal rose tag from the rose along with a Description of the rose. Before assuming the rose is dead please cut one of the canes down about 6” if there is green Then it is still alive, just give it a little more time. We do not refund on Bareroot Roses after 120 days from shipping date.

• We will refund the price you paid for the product being returned but we will not pay for shipping fees.