Ultimate Vinegar Home & Garden 30% Vinegar Concentrate – 1 qt

Ultimate Vinegar Home & Garden 30% Vinegar Concentrate – 1 qt


Vinegar is a versatile substance and can be used to replace many commercial home and garden chemicals. Vinegar is a safer and cheaper alternative to these harmful chemicals, not to mention better for the environment. Below are some of our favorite uses for vinegar.

  • Clear mineral deposits from a steam iron
  • Clean lime deposits and calcium sludge from drip coffee maker
  • Clean rust from tools
  • Keep garbage disposal clean and smelling fresh
  • Remove coffee stains from stained cups and pots
  • Prevent misty spots on glassware
  • Eliminate cooking odors in the kitchen
  • Deodorize an old lunch box
  • Clean food-stained pots and pans
  • Wipe away food caked into the microwave
  • Clean eyeglasses
  • Prevent lint from clinging to clothes
  • Remove perspiration stains from clothes
  • Prevent bright colored clothes from fading
  • Remove stains from furniture upholstery and clothes
  • Clean soap scum, mildew and grime
  • Unclog a shower head
  • Mopping floors
  • Clean grout haze
  • Clean windows
  • Prolong life of flowers in vase

These are just a handful of the many applications vinegar may be used for. This is industrial grade vinegar and not intended for consumption.



Ultimate Vinegar Home & Garden – 30% Vinegar Concentrate, Hundreds of Uses! 
  • NATURAL CLEANING VINEGAR: Use at full strength for tough jobs or dilute with up to 5 parts of water
  • MULTI-USE: Use all around your home and garden. Clean carpets, furniture, seats, drain lines, perfect for cleaning, laundry, automotive and gardening to name a few
  • SAFE FOR PETS: Non-toxic, biodegradable, additive-free, non-caustic, dye- and chemical-free
  • ECONOMICAL: Safer than store-bought cleaners and much cheaper in the long run
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: Derived naturally from corn grown in the USA non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Natural and safe 30% industrial strength white vinegar
  • Concentrated vinegar is widely used to replace many harmful and expensive commercial cleaning products
  • Made in the USA
  • Quart Size


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