Summit 110-12 Mosquito Dunks For Mosquito Control – 6 Count

Summit 110-12 Mosquito Dunks For Mosquito Control – 6 Count


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The Mosquito Dunks® are America’s best selling home owner mosquito control product. The only product with BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae, that lasts 30 days and treats 100 square feet of surface water.

    • Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans.
    • Simply apply Mosquito Dunks® to any standing water, or water garden.
    • Kills within hours lasts for 30 days or more.
    • Labeled For Organic Gardening by the USEPA.
    • Highly effective low impact product

      1. What is Bti?

      Bti is a biological or a naturally occurring bacterium found in soils. (Bti is short for Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis.) It contains spores that produce toxins that specifically target and only affect the larvae of the mosquito, blackfly and fungus gnat. EPA has registered five different strains of Bti found in 48 pesticide products that are approved for use in residential, commercial and agricultural settings primarily for control of mosquito larvae.

      2. Does Bti pose health risks to humans?

      No. Bti has no toxicity to people and is approved for use for pest control in organic farming operations. It has been well tested by many studies on acute toxicity and pathogenicity (ability to cause disease) for Bacillus thuringiensis including studies specifically on Bti. Based on these studies, EPA has concluded that Bti does not pose a risk to humans.

      3. Where has Bti been used for mosquito control?

      Bti is used across the United States for mosquito control. Bti is approved for aerial spraying, which has taken place in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Michigan, among other states.  Bti can be sprayed over waterbodies such as ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.  Bti is used to kill developing mosquito larvae by being applied to standing water where those larvae are found. Bti can be used around homes in areas and containers where water can collect, such as flower pots, tires, and bird baths. Bti can also be used to treat larger bodies of water like ponds, lakes and irrigation ditches.