Soil Moist Wartering Mats

Soil Moist Wartering Mats



Soil Moist Mats, Vacation watering mats for indoor or outdoor potted plants

  • Dimensions: 153/4″ X 11″
  • Made from fiber
  • No drainage holes
  • Vacation at ease for up to 3 weeks while this mat waters your plants
  • Outdoor use
  • What’s Included
  • Watering mats two mats per package

With the Soil Moist Vacation Mats, you’ll no longer need to worry about your plants getting the water they need when you’re away. This revolutionary mat is easy to use by simply placing it in the bottom of the pot and adding up to two quarts of water. As time passes, the water is slowly released into the roots, so you can enjoy your vacation and know your plants will be happy and healthy as they await your return. These mats are fantastic when planting flats or trays of Micro greens from seed they help hold moisture at the root zone for consistent germination and continued growth.

About Soil Moist Mats

Soil Moist MatsThe Soil Moist brand is a division of JRM Chemicals, which is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. JRM Chemicals specializes in non-toxic polymer products that help conserve water, manage erosion, and more. JRM has been proudly serving gardeners since 1987.


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