MySoil Soil Test Kit For Healthy Garden Professional

MySoil Soil Test Kit For Healthy Garden Professional


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  • Grow The Healthiest Yard & Garden! MySoil Soil Test Kit is the most Accurate and Easy-To-Use professional soil test kit available and is designed for the DIY community
  • Organic and Synthetic fertilizer recommendations tailored to your soil
  • Report provides 13 plant available nutrient levels including Nitrogen and pH (Nitrogen (N) (Nitrate & Ammonium), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na))
  • Perfect for all growing scenarios (Lawn & Turf, Gardening, Compost, Trees, Vines Ornamental Landscape & Soil-Less Media). Promotes sustainable practices
  • Each kit provides everything required for use *including prepaid return postage & dedicated customer support.
  • All Products are 100% USA made

    The Test Kit​

    • Sample jar, nutrient adsorbing capsule, and DI water
    • Soil scoop (designed to deliver the right amount of soil)
    • Simple to follow instructions 
    • Prepaid return mailing envelope
    • Professional guidance on taking your sample

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 in