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GRO-POWER PLANTING TABLETS: Product: 7 gram planting tablet designed for 12 month slow release. For Placing in planting hole when planting new trees and shrubs. Also use in containers and existing plants. Excellent for water gardens and Bonsai. of tablets allow for breakdown within all soil mediums. May be used in new plantings, existing plants, containers, water plants. Gro-Power Planting Tablets are unique tablets that contain all the essential nutrients for plants, along with humus and humic acids which will help contain the soil. Unlike other products, these planting tablets act on the soil as well as feeding the plant – the key to healthy plant growth regardless of species or soil type. 45 count jar

12-8-8 NPK, 20% Humus, 4% Humic Acids, 3.5% Sulfur, 2% Iron, Micronutrients.


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