Grape Shear Pruning Tool For Grapes, Roses & Vegetable Garden

Grape Shear Pruning Tool For Grapes, Roses & Vegetable Garden


QUICK TIP: From Mission Hills Nursery this grape shear will become the most coveted of your garden tools. It is so versatile aside from a grape shear as the name implies, it is fantastic when you deadhead your roses, thin out your vegetable garden and harvest them also. A Must In Your Tool Bag. Questions, just call (619) 295-2808 and one of our reps will help you.

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Many people are thinking that when they extensively cut or prune the grape vines they are actually harming the plants.

However, it is the opposite condition is what will happen. When you prune your grape’s vine branches, you are actually helping the plant to grow in a better condition.

Too many shoots will actually make the grape vines to grow unnecessarily too big and consume a lot of nutrients without giving you the optimum result.

Through the pruning activities, you are only leaving the best and strong shoots that will grow throughout your trellis or support that will eventually produce you the fruits that you desired.

In normal practice, every year, you need to cut about 80 to 90 percent of the last years grape vines and only leaving 2 to 3 healthy vines for the next year growing season.

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