Fertilome Chelated Iron EDDHA 6% Water Soluble 1lb Bag

Fertilome Chelated Iron EDDHA 6% Water Soluble 1lb Bag


QUICK TIP: Yellow leaves no more with this great Chelated Iron, works faster because its water soluble.
This product works effectivly in our alkaline soils keeping your plant with nice leaf color during the growing season. Questions call (619) 295-2808 and one of our reps will help you.

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A water soluble chelated iron for use on Alkaline soils, especially soils with a pH above 7.
• Use to prevent and correct Chlorosis.
• Apply in the Spring as a preventative or as needed through-out the season.
• Use on trees, shrubs, ornamentals, flowers and vegetables.
• Mix with water and pour under the plant you want and water in.
• Not designed to be sprayed
• Use Chelated Liquid Iron for soils with a pH below 6.0 and are low in Calcium.
• The Liquid Iron can be absorbed through the leaf
Always Water After Application!

CONTAINS: 6% Chelated Iron
Derived from: Ferric ethylenediamine (FeEDDHA)

Brand: Fertilome
Product Number: 10637
Size: 1lb
UPC Number: 732221106376