Garden Links

BONIDE Products Inc: Bonide has always been committed to providing the best possible solutions for Home, Lawn and Garden Pest Problems. This includes attractive, convenient, cost effective packaging and product selection second to none.

Botanical Interests Seeds: Over 600 high-quality, untreated, non-GMO varieties of seeds.

Corona Tools USA: Founded in the early 1920s, Corona, Inc. is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets.

Cuyamaca College: Since 1978, Cuyamaca College has provided a solid education to students, whether they’re beginning their university degree at Cuyamaca, returning to school to launch a career or to acquire new skills or enrolling in an innovative occupational program.

Dewitt Garden Tools: Known as the world’s best garden tools. With hundreds of options, there is a unique tool for every garden task. Provides complete drip irrigation supplies for residential or farm use.

E.B. Stone Fertilizers: Through the years, horticulturists at E.B. Stone perfected some of those original formulas. The result is a new generation of 21st century fertilizers, soils for indoor use, all natural pest controls and soil amendments for the garden and landscape.

EcoGardeners: Find out more about Mission Hills Nursery’s EcoGardeners by visiting the dedicated site. Eco Friendly and Organic Gardening at it’s finest.

Felco USA: FELCO, the world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears and cable cutters since 1945.

Ferti-Lome: Mission Hills Nursery is proud to feature The all-new Natural Guard® by ferti-lome® line of products. This assortment of weed killers, insecticides, fungicides and plant foods is prominently featured in our store and on the ECO Gardeners maintenance Trucks.

Fox Farm Fertilizer: The ultimate potting soil—everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.

Garden America Seeds: Garden America explores the science and culture that yield true growing experiences.

GRO Power: The key to healthy soils and plants

Mission Hills Garden Club: Website provides a newsletter, events, an an eclectic group of individuals who have come together to share a love of gardening and interest in making the neighborhood a nicer place to live. The Scotts Company web site contains lawn care tips, gardening advice and useful information on the world’s leading lawn and garden products. Find out what to do now to your lawn and garden. Slow Release Plant Food

Pottery Manufacturing and Distributing Inc: Makers and Direct Importers of Quality, Garden and Interior Products

Premier Color Nursery: Premier Color Nursery is the home of “Gourmet Grown” beddings plants, herbs & vegetables and specialty color. A Better Garden Starts With A Better Plant

Roses – Everything you need to know: Pictures, history, and general information. No Root, No Weed, No Problem

San Diego Floral – 100 Years of Gardening Experience.

San Diego Seed Company – Home grown seeds naturally grown.

San Diego Tree Map – This database of trees comes from public records and citizen foresters like you. Your help will make it better.

Southwestern College Landscape and Technology – Since 1975, the Landscape & Nursery Technology program at Southwestern College has trained persons in the various horticultural trades. Sunset Pulications for Western Living.

The Helpful Gardener – Offers a collection of helpful gardening tips for the novice or pro. Topics include rose, vegetable, and container gardening, along with Japanese garden design.

West County Gardener – From planting seedlings, to laying a patio, or cleaning gutters, West County Gardener® has a glove for every season and task.

Davis Farms – Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias, based out of San Diego, California.