Garden & Landscape Outdoor Lighting – Mission Hills Nursery Lighting Program

At Mission Hills Nursery, we have a strong commitment to gardening and landscaping. That’s why we chose to start providing Garden & Landscape Outdoor Lighting. The Mission Hills Nursery Lighting Program supports landscapers, lighting experts, general contractors, and exterior architects and designers.

Mission Hills Nursery & Eco Gardeners are professional Landscape and Garden Designers. We are professionally trained to do Landscape and Garden Lighting Installation. Please let us know if you’d like installation or landscaping packages.

Mission Hills Nursery Lighting Program FAQ's

What is the warranty on your fixtures?
All fixtures have lifetime warranty, transformers have 5 Years, and Light Bulbs 1-3 years depending on the bulb.

Are your fixtures certified?
Yes, all fixtures are ETL Certified.

Are the lights RGB/Color and bluetooth compatible?
For each fixture listing, we have 3 variants: No bulb, standard bulb, or Bluetooth bulb. No bulb means no bulb will be shipped out with the fixture, standard bulb means you can go with any bulb you decide as long as it’s compatible with the fixture. You can personalize beam angle, color temperature, and wattage. Our last option is the Bluetooth bulb. See our instructions on controlling the bluetooth bulb with your smartphone with the Tuya App Here.