Fisher Garden Tools

Fisher Garden Tools: Aesthetically beautiful and durably functional, Fisher’s tools were described in Forbes Magazine as, “looking more like they’ve been unearthed than designed.”

Fisher uses traditional blacksmithing techniques. His artistry and craftsmanship are informed by history and influenced by a childhood spent in farm country. And a lifetime of hand tool use inspires his designs.

Fisher has degrees in History and Museum Studies from Montana State University where he read extensively on the history of skilled trades.

By the time he attended college, Fisher already had practical knowledge of tools. He was a farrier operating a full-time horseshoeing business. The labor of shoeing horses cemented his appreciation for well-crafted implements.

Studying history taught Fisher that blacksmithing is a keystone craft in the larger sphere of skilled trades. He knew that iron lends itself to toolmaking as well as gardening. So for Fisher, designing and building garden tools was a logical, albeit slightly radical, next step.