Summer Rose Care Part 2 Tiger Tip

Summer Rose Care Part 2 Tiger Tip

Summer Rose Care Part 2

Roses need to be fed during the summer months. They expended a lot of energy bringing on that first and second flush of delirious blooms – now they need to replace their reserves. A nice meal of E.B. Stone’e Rose Food would be appreciated (follow directions on the label). Water deeply before feeding in the summer – you want the rose well-hydrated first! Remember – also spread some organic Soil Booster as a mulch and water them deeply. The Rose Food and Soil Booster become ‘comfort food’ as they breakdown in the soil.

Keep weeds from going to seed in your garden. Weed seeds will sprout when the rains start again – and you’ll be pulling weeds all winter long! Use Greenlight’s Amaze pre-emergent to help manage weed seeds from sprouting.

With dry weather setting in – save the petals of your blooms and make a dry sachet by laying them on a dry surface in a hot, dark area – or use your food dehydrator.

When using roses in cooking – make sure they have not been sprayed with anything other than plain water.

Pluck red, orange or dark lavender petals; snip off the white ‘pip’ at the base, and slice into green salads. They add color, vitamins, and a ‘touch’ of the exotic! You can make rose water and add it to tea for a cool, scented beverage. Pile two cups of scented petals in a pitcher and add water. Cover. Set in the sun for several hours. Strain the water off into a clean container. Dump the petals in the compost. Use the water in teas for a hint of roses!

“Candy” some rose petals or sprinkle them lightly with fine sugar and lay them on the white frosting on cupcakes. Lovely! Get creative and email me your ideas.