Mighty Mato Tutorial

Mighty Mato Tutorial

How to Plant Your Grafted Mighty ‘Mato

Grafting is a natural process that joins the top part of one plant (scion) to the root system of another plant (rootstock) without any genetic modification. Tissues heal, the two plants fuse, combining the rootstock’s vigor and disease resistance – for increased water and nutrient uptake for higher yields – with the scion’s exceptional fruit quality and flavor.

Worldwide, well over 1 billion tomatoes are grafted annually for improved yields and disease resistance. Gardeners struggling with growing tomatoes in short growing seasons or areas with soil-borne pest and diseases will benefit from Mighty ‘Matos. Many popular heirloom tomatoes are delicious – but have low fruit production, low vigor and are especially susceptible to disease and nematodes. Once these varieties are grafted onto the exclusive SuperNaturals root stocks, they become Super-Powered and are able to fend off disease and grow more strongly than their non-grafted counterparts. Mighty ‘Matos can use food and water more efficiently for healthier, more beautiful and more productive plants. By taking seasonal weather stresses in stride and offering higher yields and larger fruit over an extended season, gardeners will enjoy bigger, faster harvest.

Grafted tomatoes are quite different from the average, regular tomato. Because each plant consists of two plants, fused together, they require some different care and in turn, they give different results. Mighty Mato grafted tomatoes have root systems that are 4-5 times larger than a regular tomato. They grow much taller, with more lush foliage and will produce several pounds more fruit than is average! In order to enjoy all the benefits of your grafted tomato, you need to plant it slightly differently than a regular tomato.

This is the single most important factor in planting a grafted tomato. The superior performance a grafted tomato offers is only possible when you plant the tomato so that the graft line is always above the soil. We usually plant regular tomatoes quite deeply and that works well. However, in order to ensure the benefits of the graft, you must not bury the graft line when planting. Take a close look at your stem and find the graft line (see the photo below, as a guideline). Keep it in mind as you transplant and make sure it stays above the soil. If the graft line is buried, the scion (top part of the plant) will grow its own roots and the benefits from our superior root stock will be lost. Just keep that in mind and you are on your way to success!

What to do with your Mighty ‘Matos when they arrive

Your Mighty ‘Matos are packed in a special bubble pack that provide support and plant protection during the shipping process. Upon arrival carefully open the pack and gently take each plant out of the package and place in a small dish with water for about 5 to 10 minutes to hydrate your Mighty Mato plants. Once you hydrate your Mighty Mato your next step is to plant it, follow the steps below to achieve success.

1. Dig a deep hole (about 6 inches) for your Mighty Mato start.

2. Add an organic soil amendment and fertilizer to the bottom of the hole. Organics are gentle and long lasting.

3. Identify the graft line (see photo) on your plant and keep it in mind, throughout planting process. Remember keep line above soil line.

4. Your Mighty Mato comes planted in a biodegradable pot, this makes it easy for you to transplant into your soil. The less you tease the roots the better.

5. DO NOT pull on the stem, as this could fracture or damage the graft point. Always handle the plants very gently.

6. Place the root ball in the hole, on top of the organic amendments, and build up the soil around it.

7. Gently press the soil around your Mighty Mato plant, continuing to watch the graft line and make sure that the soil does NOT go above it.

8. Water the soil around the base of your plant deeply. A good soak will help the plant adjust to the transition.

9. Add your support system or cage around the plant.

10. Now just stand back and watch your Mighty Mato grow and give you some delicious Mighty Matos.