July – Aug Rose Tiger Tips

July – Aug Rose Tiger Tips

Rose Tips July – August

Lightly Deadhead the Roses

Lightly deadhead the blooms off your rose bushes. The idea is to keep as much foliage as possible during the summer. The lush foliage will help to shade the plants and keep them cool. If your rose bushes are full of mildew or rust and you’ve gotten some insect infestations earlier in the Spring don’t hesitate stripping the spent flowers as well, and the damaged foliage so you can get a fresh set of leaves and flowers by Fall. As you deadhead the blooms, be sure to pick up all the spent blooms and fallen leaves and put them in the garbage. Never use rose clippings for mulch because they harbor diseases. A clean garden is a beautiful garden.

Keep Your Roses Cool and Moist

Roses need lots of water, especially in our hot, dry area. Daily watering during July and August may be needed. They love to be washed down from head to foot, and this will also keep the spider mites at bay. If the foliage on your roses are clean and not infested with disease, otherwise water only at the base of the plants so you don’t spread the disease. Pickup one of our Water Wands (it looks like a shower head with a long handle). Apply mulch around the base of each of the plants for extra moisture retention.

Feed E.B. Stone Organics For A Summer Feed

I recommend organics for summer rose feeding. There are lots to choose from: fish emulsion, blood meal, chicken manure, cottonseed meal, or kelp. E.B. Stone Company has the best organic fertilizers and garden soils. Stock up on these before Summer begins.

Prepare For The Fall Rose Bloom Cycle

Around Labor Day it will be time to begin preparing for the fall bloom cycle. If you lightly prune your roses, take off 1/3 of their height and thin out twiggy growth, you will have beautiful roses for the October bloom cycle.