Fall Is For Planting Information

Fall Is For Planting Information

Fall is For Planting Southern California Style

The time has come to let you in on a well known fact in Southern California. Fall is the best time to plant! Our temperatures are cooler so you will have less stress on the gardener and the garden. The soil is warm though so the roots can begin growing. Winter rains which we hope to get, will provide the necessary deep watering to promote deep root development. This will provide you with an established plant next spring.

Leaves have begun falling. Yes it looks pretty but don’t leave them collecting in your garden. Pests and diseases may want to take up residency.

Lawns – if your lawn is reasonably green with no visible problems a final feeding before winter rains is good. We stock Scott’s Turf Builder which can be applied with a hand spreader or a push spreader. If you have bare spots you should set your mower low and mow in both directions. Rake off the grass and scuff up the bare spots. Reseed with a winter rye. Water immediately and keep moist until new grass is established. Mow and feed with Scott’s Turf Builder. Always remember to water after feeding.

Camellias and Azaleas love fall and winter feeding with Whitney Farms Azalea Camellia Fertilizer. This helps them develop their blooms. Whitney Farms Fertilizers are organic and easy to use. Stop in either Mission Hills Nursery or Moose Creek Nursery and we can help you select the right one for your garden.
Iceplant planted now will give you bright color and by spring it should have filled in an area. Another benefit of iceplant “fire break”. Yes many homes in our area will attest to this benefit during the recent fires.

Planting perennials now gives the plants time to establish themselves before they need to put on their spring show. Consider coral bells, daylilies, iris, yarrow, angelonias just to name a few.

Scatter wildflowers during the fall. The early rains we hope to get will soften the earth and drive the seed just deep enough into the soil. To get a good spread when scattering your seeds mix them with a handful of sand, the sand adds weight to keep the seeds from being carried away by the wind. We have a wonderful line from Botanical Interest and Stovers.

One more thing, snails and slugs like this time of year also, so to protect your new plantings consider bait. Sluggo is a safe to use bait if you have kids or pets.