Bulbs In California Information

Bulbs In California Information

Bulb Planting in Southern California

Fall is the time to put in your bulbs for a spectacular show next spring. When planting bulbs, be generous with Whitney Farms Bulb Food. Place some at the bottom of the planting hole, add a little Whitney Farms Bedding and Bulb Mix, then your bulbs. Don’t let the bulbs lay on the Whitney Farms Bulb Food.

Cover the flowerbeds with bedding plants such as Iceland poppies, pansies, violas, alyssum, and a fragrant favorite “stock”. This double decked planting will give you beautiful color through the winter. And in early spring when the bulbs begin sprouting you will have a breath taking display of blooming color. You can also layer bulbs in pots if you don’t have garden space. When they begin to bloom you can move them to where you will get the most impact, even enjoy them for a short time indoors.

Speaking of bulbs indoors, hyacinth, amaryllis, and narcissus paperwhites are excellent choices. You can force these bulbs to grow indoors earlier than they would outside.

To force paperwhites you need a container which holds water and is at least 3″ deep. Place a layer of gravel in the bottom, position the bulbs placing them close together, add water and keep the water level at the bottom of the bulbs. As the bulbs begin sprouting you may need to push them back down, be sure to keep the bottoms in water don’t let the container go dry. Paperwhites have a fragrance that you either love or won’t care for. So if it’s your first time don’t plant too many. The nice thing about paperwhites is you can stage them by staggering your plantings.

Amaryllis is a wonderful holiday table decoration. Select a large vase for forcing or tall pot for planting. What a show this bulb puts on, very stunning.