Christmas Trees

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Mission Hills Nursery offers the finest and freshest trees available. We also offer a large selection of hand-crafted fresh HOLIDAY WREATHS, GARLANDS and POINSETTIAS. . . and WE DELIVER to the the San Diego area! Plan early! We do not accept orders through our Online store, however you can pre-order anytime with our special order form

Mission Hills Nursery can treat your Christmas Tree foliage with a fire retardant in accordance with the requirements of the California State Fire Marshal. Just ask when filling out your order.


Due to overwhelming demand and success of Mission Hills Nursery Christmas Trees we are out of stock on all trees. Please call: 619-295-6808 for more info. Thank You for making our 2020 Christmas a success!

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (OUT OF STOCK): This “Old Fashioned” tree has its origin in the homes of our forefathers. Once a tree cut in the wild with axes, this lush green soft needled tree is now farmed on privately owned reforested tree farms. The tree is sheared yearly to attain that very dense traditionally conical shape we have come to recognize as “The Christmas Tree”

Nobel Fir Christmas Tree: The Cadillac of all Christmas Trees. This majestic, true fir has an upswept naturally layered growth habit. This beautiful tree is known for its silver blue color and its ability to retain its needles.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree: This true fir has an upswept layered look. The flattened needles vary from 3/4 to 2 1/2 long. The very distinctive dark green upper needle surface creates a unique contrast with its silver to blue under needle. The tree decorates elegantly.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree: Nordman Fir, Abies nordmanniana, commonly called Caucasian fir or Nordmann fir, is native to the Caucasus Mountains. This is a dense, pyramidal conifer that typically grows to 50′ tall and 20′ wide in cultivation. Branches are densely clad with flattened, glossy dark green needles (to 1 1/4” long). Needles have two white bands underneath. The bark is charcoal gray,

Silver Tip Fir Christmas Tree: Silver Tip Fir, Abies magnifica. The Silver Tip Christmas tree is native to the high elevations in California. It has long been a favorite for those that like an open growth pattern. The “Silver Tip” refers to the color and placement of the needles. The blue-green color on the tips of the branches is a different color then the interior green of the tree giving the appearance of the silver tipped branch. It has excellent keep ability, and very stiff-branched to hold the heaviest of ornaments. Silver tips are a true high elevation fir mostly growing at 6000ft and above. Since the trees are dormant when they are cut, they tend to hold up longer and better than others.