Happy 4th of July 2021 – Summer Gardening – Buy ANYTHING In Store Pay Online

Happy 4th of July 2021 – Summer Gardening – Buy ANYTHING In Store Pay Online

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This root and sod cutter works very well in removing bonsai from the pot and then sawing away tightly packed soil and roots. I could not be without one myself. Especially good when you buy a pot bound tree that needs large amounts of soil and roots removed. This tool has many applications around the garden and your bonsai tool roll should not be without one, especially for the price. 4 1/4″ blade.

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Gardening in the Summer

Summer Risks
Summer is a time of transition in the garden. In actuality, individuals who decide to start a vegetable garden in the summer must be prepared to confront a variety of challenges:
Drought conditions (more frequent watering, especially if starting from sowing)
Fight for nutrients (competition for nutrients in the soil is high and fertilization must be carried out)
Crop rotations that are shorter (especially if starting with sowing)

How to Fertilize a Garden, and What It Takes
In order to begin we need to understand that all plants, whether in pots or in the ground, require four main nutrients in varying amounts: nitrogen (growth promoter), magnesium (key element of chlorophyll), phosphorus (flowering promoter), potassium (for fruit ripening), and a variety of trace elements such as copper, sulfur, magnesium, and others. That being said, the following are the steps to take in order to keep your garden healthy. Before choosing any fertilizer it is suggested to carry out a soil analysis with sampling, to be able to adjust the levels of nutrients and PH. This method allows you to take better care of your garden, to save on unnecessary fertilizers and to protect the aquifers from residuals.

Watering your plants
One thing we overlook most of the time is the risk involved with irrigation’s excess. Be careful not to overwater plants, as excess irrigation can negatively affect your plants’ health. During the summer, we have a tendency to exaggerate the amount of water used, in order to make up for the heat, but an interesting fact is that more plants die from over-irrigation than from dehydration. A good method to calculate the right amount of water is to rely on the temperature and humidity of the environment in relation to the size of the pot. What that means, is that in general the smaller pots, the more often it will need to be watered.

Which Pot should you use?
Plant pots differ mainly in materials, and can be made of terracotta, PVC, wood, stone, and concrete. The plastic pots are extremely light and can be moved easily, and are resistant to both weather and shocks, making it ideal for outdoor plants, and rough weather.

Clay pots are best when used outdoors, come in a variety of sizes and have the advantage of resisting heat and frost while retaining their texture. They allow both roots and soil to breathe, while providing  weight that ensures a good stability even in windy balconies, gardens, and outdoors. A downside of clay pots is that they allow water to travel through, causing it to evaporate faster. That requires extra care to the plants, especially during the summer, when rising temperatures necessitate more regular watering.

Wood pots are great, they look good, and are relatively lightweight. They are similar to clay pots allowing easier air, and water’s circulation compared to other materials. Another good aspect of the wood pots is that they don’t get overheated under the sun, and preserve a certain degree of moisture. One of the downsides is that they can rapidly wear so make sure you choose the right types of wood rot-resistant woods like cedar or redwood.

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