Order ANYTHING In Store PAY ONLINE (Local Only) – 32 YEARS of Mission Hills Nursery 2021

Order ANYTHING In Store PAY ONLINE (Local Only) – 32 YEARS of Mission Hills Nursery 2021

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When supporting vines Tie-It-Rite the first time!

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Step 1
Remove all dust and debris from wall and the inside of the anchor button surface. Fill the button with a slightly overflowing amount of glue.

Step 2
Press filled anchor button onto desired spot so there is firm contact and allow glue 24 hours to cure. Some excess glue may ooze out from around the anchor button. Do not remove the excess because it provides more holding strength.

Step 3
Thread the coated wire tie through the anchor button eyelet. Pull the wire tie halfway through the eyelet and twist securely around branch. Caution: Do Not twist the wire tie too tight, this could cause damage to the plant.

Mission Hills Nursery Local Delivery Ordering ANYTHING in the store

Mission Hills Nursery Delivery & Curbside pick up
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At Mission Hills Nursery we offer multiple options for touch-less delivery, and curbside pickup. You can now order anything from our local store, and have it delivered to your door the same day.  If you need help choosing, or have questions about our products, just ask our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help you with your purchase.

You also can also take advantage of our curbside pickup service, and have one of our personnel conveniently bring your delivery to your car. Delivery costs will vary depending on zip code.

Mission Hills Nursery Celebrates 32 Years 2021

A little history
We bought the nursery back in 1989 when our kids were 10, and 8 years old. It felt like they had a big playground where they could run and climb around and have fun like kids always do. Nowadays, one of those then little kids – our son Tiger – is in charge of the maintenance division, overseeing multiple crews which service residential, and commercial properties.

To our happiness the next generation is already running and jumping, hiding and helping out. We believe in being involved in the day to day operations and keeping the whole family happy. It feels wonderful to share our bit of paradise with them.

Back in the days, one of our first customers asked Tony for a tree, but he said “I don’t buy green bananas, and then he explained that he didn’t have time to wait for bananas to turn yellow and he didn’t have time for a tree to grow so he definitely wanted a big one”. We still remember when we brought the big tree to our client and the feeling that it was just the beginning.

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