New Gardening Products, Local Delivery, Exciting New Delivery Launching 2021 – Mission Hills Nursery San Diego – Shop Local

New Gardening Products, Local Delivery, Exciting New Delivery Launching 2021 – Mission Hills Nursery San Diego – Shop Local

Mission Hills Nursery Featured Products

Our Tie-It-Clear Garden Plant Tape (1/2”x 150’) is strong, moisture-resistant, and it is built so that the tape expands with the plant growth, it works great with climbing plants, and helping the vegetable stick to support. Tie-It-Clear Garden Plant Tape (1/2”x 150’ is one of the best tapes in the market as it is invisible, delicate to tree limbs, and can be used with different width, length and thickness.

The Astron Root and Sod Cutter 4 ¼ Bland, is an excellent tool for removing tightly packed soil roots, like bonsai roots, or any unwanted difficult to access roots. No more trying to shovel under the roots, now with the Astron Root and Sod Cutter 4 ¼ Bland thanks to its forged, and serrated blades you’ll be able to cut the roots by easily slicing into the soil.

Mission Hills Nursery Local Delivery Ordering ANYTHING in the store

The new emerging delivery market has pushed to make transactions secure and reliable, hand in hand with the rapidly expanding needs of its customers. This inspired us to improve our customer service, embracing the need of fast, easy and secure deliveries to our customers. At Mission Hills Nursery we have all gardening needs available for local deliveries. People living in the San Diego area can now call our store, and start their order directly by phone or by clicking here. Payments can be done by using Paypal, Amazon Pay, and phone. The gardening tools are only delivered locally in San Diego County.

Uber Delivery (Coming 2nd Half of 2021)

Uber has been in the grocery delivery business for some time now. In 2014, it piloted a short-lived “corner store” program that allowed customers to order convenience store goods such as toiletries using the app. Since then the company has been building linkages with local grocery companies in the United Kingdom, and Australia. It has also been involved in similar deals with other grocery chains in Spain, Brazil, and France. Like any other firm, Uber has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic because of the restriction of movement to control the spread of the virus. The company has undergone a lot of transformation like most of the firms to cater to the challenging times and customers need. We expect that the new product diversification will take a short time to penetrate the U.S market.

The company has experimented with grocery deliveries in more than 30 countries across the globe, involving around 9,500 merchants, and reporting a 176% increase in grocery orders since February. These deliveries are expected to increase as the firm is positioning grocery deliveries in the main Uber and Uber Eats apps, to allow users to shop at Cornershop.

According to Cornershop, co-founder and CEO, launches in Florida and Texas will check on the delivery model, evaluate whether everything is working out correctly, and ensure that the payment methods are okay. Cornershop is similar to other on-demand delivery services such as Postmates and Instacart, where any individual can sign up and start ordering using the app. In this case, the existing Uber drivers will have to sign up and go through Cornershop’s vetting process to deliver the new services.

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