Critter Cat Hardly Working Biggest Gardening Trends for 2021 – Mission Hills Nursery San Diego – Shop Local

Critter Cat Hardly Working Biggest Gardening Trends for 2021 – Mission Hills Nursery San Diego – Shop Local

Gardening Trends of 2021

Critter The Cat Hardly Working

With Covid-19, everything around the world has greatly changed. People have remained indoors for the better part of 2020, and the same trend continues in 2021, forcing people to discover the solace that comes with gardens. Adding new experience, finding what to keep one busy indoors as well as increase “do it yourself” has greatly transformed the gardening landscape as people tend to add joy to their life, promote mental welfare as well as source of groceries in 2021 regardless the living place -apartment, condominium or home backyards. Some of the trends expected to be seen in 2021 includes:

Increased container gardening.
Container gardening has been one of the best gardening practices over the years but is expected to get stronger as time goes by due to its applicability. The gardening practice takes less consideration into the living environment, whether apartments or condominiums or backyards as it doesn’t require in-ground spaces. Suburban homeowners with fewer spaces can put containers anywhere- stairways, decks, stoops, etc. to practice gardening. The practice gives more freedom to gardeners as they can be moved from one place to another at the gardener’s convenience, making them more preferable. Nevertheless, containers are not oriented to annual crops only as they can be used repeatedly if one wants to increase the sceneries of their homes.

Emphasis on Gardening sustainability​.
The world is battling climatic changes and aims to continue with global decarbonization campaigns. As such, gardeners will be looking at a new green, clean, and sustainable gardening solution. With gardens being human-made, not just natural environments, gardeners look forward to sustainable gardening in various ways. Firstly, gardeners are likely to embrace organic farming with fewer pesticide use and bulk use of mulch, drip methods, and compost manures. As structures like container gardening are located inside the living room, there is a need for zero pesticide use. The growing health concern is also expected to scale up organic farming too. Secondly, permaculture is expected to shoot as people shift to natural forces like wind, water, and sun to provide food and shelter. Thirdly, diversity is expected to take over gardening. People will ought to improve the authenticity of backyards as well as obtain food from them. Thus, it’s not a surprise to see gardens with annual vegetables with plenty of flowers or grasses within.

Ecommerce gardening
Ecommerce is everywhere and will percolate into gardening fabrics in 2021. With the ability to physically visit nurseries thwarted by Covid 19 restriction, it’s expected that people can purchase the plants, seeds, and other gardening tools online and delivered to their places. Buyers will be able to take virtual tours into the seller’s garden and then decide what to buy for their gardening needs. Gardening education is also expected to increase online. Gardening practices like yard designs using online design technologies like Home Outside are expected to increase; offering advice and technical knowledge on landscape designs at homes. Like fashion influencers, online gardener influencers are expected to increase and will play a crucial role in consultation and promoting e commerce gardening.

Balcony gardening and increase in gardeners
The balcony offers large rooms ideal for gardening. It is estimated that one eighth of households have no access to private or shared gardens in the UK. In the US, only 35% of the population can grow crops in the community or private gardens, meaning there is low access to private or shared gardens. City dwellers find themselves stacked in apartments, and the only smart way to embrace nature in 2021 and beyond is the use of balconies for their market gardening. This practice is expected to pick up due to restricted movement that forces people to produce basic supplies on their own, improve their environment, or get busy from isolation bondages. Although balcony gardening has existed for a long time, the number of gardeners is expected to rise, and farming activities from balcony as people become less busy, isolated, and improve their wellbeing. Increasingly, people have shown preference to use balconies and patios to plant tropical (such as caladium, canna, elephants’ ears), dwarf and small plants, citrus, and shrubs.

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