Keeping Your Tree Merry During the Holiday Season

christmas tree with lights

Keeping Your Tree Merry During the Holiday Season

Christmas Tree Care


In case you haven’t heard, our first shipments of Mission Hills Nursery Christmas trees have arrived! They are ready for homes. Have you placed a pre-order yet? You might want to go to our Christmas Tree page to get more information. 


And, of course, once you get a beautiful tree from us, you’ll want to make sure it stays a delightful focal point throughout the season. 


There are some things you could do before getting, during setup, and throughout the holiday season to help ensure your tree remains greener longer, drops fewer needles, and doesn’t become a fire hazard.


Before You Get Your Tree


Yes, there are things you could do before the tree even reaches your house! At MHN, we offer a couple of services when you order your tree including:


  • Fireproofing: We can treat the tree foliage with a fire retardant in accordance with the California State Fire Marshal’s requirements to help protect your home and family.
  • Flocking: Using a special spray we give your tree that look of a white Christmas. 
  • Stands: Make sure you have a stand ready for your tree. You want to get it in water immediately after it arrives at your home (more on this later.) Of course, we have plenty of stands if you can’t remember where you stored yours from last year. 
  • Delivery: Let us take care of transporting the tree (if you live in San Diego County). We will do it safely and carefully. 

Once Your Tree Arrives


There are a couple things you want to consider when placing your Christmas tree. Fireproofed or not, you never want to put your tree too close to a fireplace or other heat source. Aside from the risk of fire, heat sources–even south-facing windows–may make the tree dry out faster. 


Once you have a place picked out, give your tree water. Lots of water. Christmas trees drink gallons of water. If you don’t have a place picked out when your tree arrives, put the trunk in a bucket of water while you decide. You don’t want the tree to dry out.


If you are putting lights on your tree, make sure they are in good condition. If you’re in the market for new Christmas lights, consider LED holiday lights. They are affordable, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and they don’t get warm like older holiday lights.


As You Enjoy the Holidays


Check your tree’s water supply multiple times a day. Make sure there is plenty of water in the stand’s reservoir when you wake up and before you go to bed. You may be surprised how quickly that water goes–especially the first couple days after your tree arrives.


Why is watering your tree so important? If your reservoir goes dry for an extended time, the end will seal with sap. The sap prevents water from getting to the rest of the tree. And, sadly, it dries before its time.


Also, check the humidity in the room with your tree. Ideally, you want to keep the humidity around 40 percent. You could use a small humidifier to give the room’s moisture a little boost.  


A cool room could also help your tree from drying out. If possible, close a heating vent or take other measures to make the room a little cooler than the rest of your home. 


Don’t Forget to Recycle


Once the holidays are over, your tree can still be useful. Check with your local municipalities to see if they offer tree recycling services. Or, if you are feeling like you need one more party before the holidays are officially over, rent a chipper with your neighbors and make some neighborhood mulch. 


Sound like a little too much work? MHN can also help with the Christmas tree removal. Just mention it when ordering.


Remember: Make sure you pre-order with us as soon as possible. Our trees are high quality and tend to go very fast. 


Our family at Mission Hills Nursery wishes you a beautiful, memorable holiday season.

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