August Employee Spotlight: Kyla Zapisek

August Employee Spotlight: Kyla Zapisek

Mission Hills Nursery Employee Kyla ZapisekAt Mission Hills Nursery, we are blessed with an amazing team of passionate individuals ready to help you. They are not just employees, they’re family. Every month, we feature an individual who works hard to serve customers and makes sure our plants are healthy and thriving. 

After all, the more you know about our MHN family, the better you can discover how they can be of assistance.

This month, let us introduce you to our very own Kyla Zapisek.

Kyla has only been with us for a short time, but she is definitely making an impact. She learns fast and has already formed great relationships with our customers. She fits in so good, in fact, that some people think she’s been working on our properties for years. 

At least part of the reason Kyla fits in so well is her background. She has experience farming and with plant restoration. Kyla also worked in retail–so her customer service skills are spot on. She is eager to help anyone coming to MHN for advice, suggestions, and gardening tips. 

Kyla loves the outdoors. And it definitely shows. Her favorite part of the job is working with the plants and being out in the sun. Also, her free time is mostly spent outdoors. She loves growing veggies. When she gets a chance, she also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and surfing. 

As you can see, Kyla is very active. Sometimes, when she wants to relax, she likes to play music.

What are Kyla’s ambitions for the future? She wants to learn more, experience as much as possible, and be a knowledgeable asset to the MHN family. 

If you are at our facility, make sure you introduce yourself to Kyla–that is, if she isn’t already asking how she can help you. You just might get some great veggie growing tips and information about our hot products. Of course, she might also give you some tips on great places to hike nearby or even chat about some great new music inspiring her lately. 

We are certainly happy to have Kyla in our MHN family!

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