Ecogardeners and Husqvarna Battery Equipment for an EcoGarden

Ecogardeners and Husqvarna Battery Equipment for an EcoGarden

Professional landscapers make a living in green spaces. But is landscaping good for the environment?

Ironically, the landscaping industry hasn’t always been associated with eco-friendly practices. Toxic herbicides and pollution-producing engines number among the seemingly unavoidable problems. Pair this with the unfortunate reputation that landscapers tend to choose beauty over environmental health, our industry has lost a lot of trust.


Here at EcoGrdeners, however, we hear you! We know San Diegans, ESPECIALLY San Diegans, love our natural landscape, respect the beauty of nature, and take great pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. ? We also know, that where there’s a will, there’s a way. We have taken care of the hassle of finding the right products, methods, and equipment to allow us to marry the desire for both beauty & sustainability.

As stewards of your landscape, we refrain from using motorized equipment. Keeping our maintenance footprint as green as possible. Landscape tasks are performed by leaf rake, broom and pruning shear. No Motorized Equipment at all.


Much has changed in recent years. Equipment brands – with Husqvarna at the forefront – have worked with experts from the landscaping industry to design and manufacture products that are good for the environment, without sacrificing power, performance or durability. True “gasoline replacement” battery products are now widely available, and more commercial users are becoming aware of their benefits.


In short, the green industry is experiencing a full-blown green revolution.


By using Husqvarna Battery tools, ECO Gardeners is saving the environment by not using gasoline, cutting out emissions, decreasing noise pollution and using renewable energy to work in your yard.


So drop your old, outdated and polluting landscape service and join the green revolution at ECO Gardeners.

We are committed to making a green, eco-friendly landscaping option accessible for everyone. We do the research, planning, product vetting, and testing for you, and you know that you can trust our judgment. Mission Hills Nursery has been serving San Diego since 1910! In the long-standing tradition of the legendary Kate O. Sessions.


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